Our Team and Objectives

The objectives of this nonprofit organization:

-To provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and views of mutual interest to beekeepers; 

-To provide education on the practical aspects of beekeeping and to encourage the use of better and more      productive methods;

-To foster cooperation between members of the Association; 

-To promote understanding and cooperation between the Association and the community with regard to  beekeeping; 

-To promote the interests of the Association membership which relate to bees and beekeeping; 

-To promote the use of honey, honey products, and other hive products;

-To provide educational classes for beginner beekeepers on basics of beekeeping and colony management.


John Goeddey

John is loving family man who takes great pride in his beekeeping. Beside being the president of an ever growing honey bee club he runs Rappahannock Honey Bee Removal as a side business. If you need bees removed from a house he's the man to call.

If you have questions about the club, please contact John.

Contact: 646-853-2433

1st Vice President

Mark Chalkley

Mark is a hobbyist beekeeper since 2016 and draws on a wide range of sources to educate himself in the entomology field of beekeeping.  While he believes that being able to harvest honey is an important incentive, Mark truly believes that the clear benefits of pollinating bees and concerns about their declining numbers is a powerful motivator to keep bees.  

His hobbies include gardening, baseball and woodworking. He really enjoys the woodworking aspect of bee keeping and is always trying to come up with something new.

Contact: 540-907-3656  

2nd Vice President

Thurman Burnley

Thurman started in beekeeping in 2011 and now owns Burnley Farm Apiary, LLC., a beekeeping company that sells bees, honey and other products of the hive as well as beekeeping supplies. He produces wonderful honey that he sells at the farmer market and several stores. He sells packaged bees, nucleus colonies and queen bees too. He also brews his own mead but that's not for sale.

Other interests include the Boy Scouts, wilderness survival, canoeing and gardening.

Contact:  540-429-3638


Tom Valentour

Tom Valentour has been an active beekeeper for over many years and maintains over a dozen hives. He sells local honey and beeswax.

Other interests are growing giant pumpkins, (624 pounds is his largest to date), and brewing beers, wines and mead.

Contact: 540-424-4722


Randy Lewis


Randy and his wife started beekeeping in 2016 and it’s quickly become a passion for them both. They love to talk about bees and look at the hives of other beekeepers and offer advice, as well as letting others see their hives.

Randy is also an avid comic collector and loves talking comics with anyone that will listen

Contact: 540-842-1542

Documents and Downloads

- Constitution and By-Laws of the Rappahannock Beekeepers Association

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